How We Grow

Growing Strawberries

We plant a combination of Junebearer and Everbearer strawberry varieties, which allows us to harvest from April to November. We grow 100% of our strawberries using table top systems, planted into coir substrate and under polythene tunnels. The benefits of this system include:

  • Making strawberry crops easier and faster to pick
  • Making crops less susceptible to pest and soil-borne diseases, such as Botrytis or slugs
  • Decreasing waste and increasing fruit quality

Growing Raspberries & Blackberries

All our raspberry and blackberry long canes are propagated and cold-stored on site. The plant material is only used during one season, and plantings are scheduled so that we can pick fruits from May to October. Our blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are grown in pots using coir substrate, and the fruits are grown under polythene tunnels, decreasing pest and disease impact. Together these methods improve fruit quality.

Growing Blueberries

We grow blueberries mainly in pots using coir substrate under polythene tunnels. Blueberry plants are perennials and achieve their full potential during their fifth year of production. We grow different varieties across the season, focusing on taste and fruit size. By pruning the plants every winter we increase picking speed as well as fruit quality and size.

Our Growing Techniques

In order to give all our plants the care they need to develop sweet, succulent berries, we adopt several different methods.

How We Grow

Fertigation / Climate control

We use the latest techniques of fertigation and climate control to maximise quality and yield. At the same time, we decrease the water and chemicals used. By monitoring all fields – air temperature, humidity, substrate moisture and electro conductivity – we set up the perfect fertigation and venting strategy for every variety and plant type.

How We Grow

Bio Control

On top of using growing systems that are less susceptible to pests and diseases, we focus on using biocontrol methods. Main pests such as thrips, aphids, vine weevils or spider mites are controlled using predatory mites, predatory insects, parasitic wasps and nematodes.

How We Grow


The flowering period is critical for soft fruit production, and pollination is a main factor for fruit quality and size. Across all our farms, we enhance biodiversity by protecting and creating new areas for natural predators and pollinators. On top of this, we introduce bumble bee hives in all our early crops and have established colonies of honeybees for our middle and late crops.

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