Where is Heathlands Farm?

You’ll find Heathlands tucked away in the idyllic countryside of Berkshire, on Honey Hill in Wokingham.

What do we grow at Heathlands Farm?

The 196 acres of farm land at Heathlands is dedicated to the production of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


We are mindful of nurturing the beautiful wildlife that shares our land, welcoming each and every deer and rabbit that chooses to live within the boundaries of Heathlands Farm. We’re particularly fond of hedgehogs and do all we can to protect and support them. Learn more about our Hall Hunter environmental policies.

Heathlands Farm

Working at Heathlands Farm

As well as almost 200 acres of farmland, Heathlands also plays host to our largest packhouse, the administrative hub, workshops and a transport office. Each year we need seasonal workers to help us manage all the goings on. As the most established of all our farms, Heathlands features a number of amenities that those who come to work with us can enjoy.

At Heathlands we have a shop, tennis court, football pitch and even a swimming pool during the summer. The farm is located close to the historic Windsor Castle, residence of the Queen. You can easily visit the famous London landmarks by boarding a train from Reading or Wokingham.

Heathlands Farm

Our culture revolves around being authentic, vibrant, honest and demanding. The creation and development of our farms and the nurturing of talented managers leaves an inspiring, tangible legacy for the future. As Farm Manager Mariusz Charewicz remarks; “What makes Heathlands special? The great people and family atmosphere! We work closely as a team on this fantastic farm, the place where Hall Hunter’s journey began.”

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