Taking Care of Our Environment

Encouraging Biodiversity

In an effort to support Britain’s wildlife, we find ways to sustain species’ habitats in and around our farms. We incorporate wild flowers into the fruit fields with our production systems, so they grow alongside our berries. This encourages bees and other insects to gather on our farms.

By incorporating more beetle banks and maintaining natural hedges, we provide additional areas for the UK’s natural flora and fauna to thrive.

As well as working to protect these species, the species also benefit us by protecting our plants and helping to keep them clean and free of pests.

“Open Farm Sunday is a wonderful initiative to get people out in the countryside and showcase British food and farming.We grow some of the world’s best produce and I look forward to joining many others at Tuesley Farm to learn about and sample the fantastic fruit this family business is famed for.”

Minister of the Cabinet Office Michael Gove
Taking Care of Our Environment

A Sustainable Legacy

One of our aims is to leave behind a legacy for future generations, in the form of sustainable and environmentally-friendly land. While we use the land to produce our berries, we seek to strike a solid balance between our needs and the needs of the planet. In everything we do, a small or non-existing footprint is our aim.

Sustainability is about moving forward in balance with the systems around us; where we achieve great things, yet only leave a positive legacy on the farms that we steward for the generations ahead.