Matt and Gracie

Dear Harry Hall,

We only live down the road in Reading and have just eaten a punnet of your strawberries from our local Tesco’s. They were the nicest strawberries we have eaten in a long time. So delicious in fact we are going to buy some more to do strawberry tarts.

Keep them coming.

Richard Boyd – Lowestoft

Dear Hall Hunter Team,

I’ve just eaten some of your Malling Centenary strawberries from Berkshire, purchased from Waitrose. They were large and juicy and they had the best flavour I can ever remember tasting.

Congratulations and thank you very much. We are ordering online at present, so can’t always pick and choose, but I look forward to tasting more of your strawberries and raspberries when we can.


Dear Hall Hunter Team,

I would just like to say how very much we have been enjoying your strawberries this week. My two sisters and I were demolishing punnets like there was no tomorrow…and then to see that they are grown in Berkshire just a few miles away from our home, we love local produce!

Thank you for bringing such delicious local strawberries into our lockdown life!

Best wishes.


To Hall Hunter,

I have just had some of your strawberries, Malling Centenary TM, from Tesco’s. Can’t believe it, the whole pack was really tasty and about half, perhaps the slightly riper ones, were absolutely sublime. Never tasted a supermarket strawberry that’s come close to yours! Congratulations.

Thank you.


Dear Harry Hall,

I just wanted to email to let you know that I just had some of your strawberries and they’re the best I’ve ever had. A couple of years ago I’m sure I had some grown by you from Waitrose and I’ve been looking for them ever since, today so happy to have them again.

Thank you.